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  • n. Plural form of fur.


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  • A hundred men or so, garbed in furs and warm-colored wools, lined the walls and looked on.

    CHAPTER 11

  • So the sled-lashings were cut, and the sufferer, rolled in furs, laid on a couch of boughs.


  • Prepare! your toils only begin: wrap yourself in furs, and provide food, for we shall soon enter upon

    Chapter 7

  • We were gathered there around the fire, wrapped in furs and skins against the chill wind that blows down from the peaks.

    Duet « A Fly in Amber

  • I understand the current going price for these furs is less than $10 each so I doubt that too many people are doing it much anymore.

    What is the proper way of preparing a pelt for sale (bobcat, coyote, fox)? Where would i find the equipment?

  • The sight of seven women in furs blundering around crime scenes has its own rewards.

  • New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly sent many scrambling when he used "furtive" — meaning "done by stealth," derived from furs, the Latin word for thief — to describe how the Times Square bomber looked in surveillance footage.

    Our 'Pragmatic,' 'Ebullient' Year of 'Austerity'

  • It would be highly embarrassing for the Russian government to come out and say publicly, "Yes, this man Khintsagov, who by all measures did not have a very good education, and who had wheeled and dealed in furs and things like that for a living, actually had at his disposal two kilograms of bomb-grade uranium."

    Uranium on the Loose

  • And at some point he began dealing in furs, a trade that took him from Nogir to Novosibirsk, the Siberian city famous for its academic research facilities, and infamous for the secret cities nearby that formed the heart of the Russian nuclear-weapons complex.

    A Smuggler’s Story

  • (This being the crash and death of Carl Ben Eielson while attempting to haul furs from the vessel Nanuk which had been caught in ice and forced to over-winter near North Cape on the easter Siberan coast of the Bering Sea, to market in Nome.)

    Out Cold


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