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  • n. Plural form of spur.
  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of spur.


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  • "The spurs, Hazúr -- the _spurs_!" he entreated, knowing well his

    Captain Desmond, V.C.

  • First, the harpooners secured to their feet what we called spurs, that is, spikes of iron, to prevent them from slipping off the back of the whale, on which they now descended.

    Peter the Whaler

  • In May, Andrews removed scar tissue and bone spurs from the ankle.

    Report: Brett Favre consults surgeon who did ankle surgery in May

  • He went 21 lb 1 oz with 7/8 in spurs and beards that went 8 and 6 inches.

    Check this a 21 lb Gobbler with 2 beards

  • Daylight grunted, driving in spurs and quirt again and again.

    Chapter XI

  • That same night, at a late hour, a band of savage warriors entered a thicket on the slopes of one of those hills on the western prairies which form what are sometimes termed the spurs of the Rocky Mountains, though there was little sign of the great mountain range itself, which was still distant several days 'march from the spot.

    The Prairie Chief

  • The reason people don’t like the spurs is there is nothing to pick on about thier game and they win, every year, maybe not the championship but they are always there.

    Matthew Yglesias » Dynasty Time

  • Male turkeys are also equipped with inch-long spikes on the back of their legs called spurs, which they use to fight off other males and would-be predators.

    David Mizejewski: Turkeys Are True Animal Oddities

  • The coastal plains are generally low, flat, and sandy, although the Pacific coast is occasionally broken by mountain spurs.

    Challenges and opportunities at the turn of the century

  • In some of these heavy-bodied birds the legs are furnished with what are called spurs, which replace the wings as a means of defence.

    On the Parts of Animals


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