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  • n. An animal outfit used in the furry subculture.
  • v. To wear a fursuit.


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From fur +‎ suit.


  • Wanted to give it a try ... first rendition of my fursuit was a bit hot, but my mate and I are working on version 2.0, and it's going to be MUCH more comfortable.

    Hartford Advocate: News

  • Thanks again for the REAL convention experience and I hope that you can come to Anthrocon in Pittsburgh next June or Midwest FurFest (MFF), to actually be a part of the fun, with or without your 'fursuit'.

    Hartford Advocate: News

  • But I just can't handle the fursuit avs, or the 24/7/365 "otherkin."

    "So lose some sleep and say you tried."

  • Some furries superimpose human clothing on the fursuit; for example, a snow leopard diva may wear a red cocktail dress and a big yellow dog may wear blue jeans.

    Modern Stone Age Furries

  • Make them actually pay for their ideals, they'll snitch, squeal and cry as they run like a bunch of rabbits released at a fursuit lifestyler convention.


  • The events have, up to now, been artworld-furry world combined happenings, like the fursuit portrait paintoff' which I've done in Rotterdam, Brooklyn and Kansas City.

    Brooklyn is watching (us)

  • I'm looking for someone who's into making as realistic a fursuit as they can and wearing it.

    August 27th, 2004

  • The network finds this naive, painfully earnest guy who believes everything he says played by Edward Norton in a manner reminiscent of Gomer Pyle in a fursuit with a guitar and give him a show to fill the sudden void of the timeslot.

    Death to Smoochy

  • Ostrich comes tearing past them, saying, "The fursuit parade's about to start!"

    Pleasures of the Fur

  • In 1998, Ostrich put up a Web site where you can see his animal drawings, his animal-themed poems and short stories (one of which was published in Pawprints, a magazine for furries), his instructions on how to build a fursuit, and pictures of himself engaged in animal-centered activities.

    Pleasures of the Fur


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  • fursuit, v.

    The Guardian, 4 February 2016:

    “Cartoon animals have a universal appeal,” says Conway, who fursuits as ‘Uncle Kage’: a samurai cockroach. “A love of animals and a fascination with the idea of them acting as we do transcends most national, geographic and religious boundaries.”

    February 29, 2016

  • fursuit, n.

    The Guardian, 4 February 2016:

    New costume makers enter the market every week and fursuits gets ever more advanced: at an additional cost, jaws can move, tails wag and eyes light up with LED-lights. No two creations are alike, though most can be machine-washed and kept shiny with a few strokes with a pet brush.

    February 29, 2016