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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of galvanize.


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  • He had limited creole support, but his call galvanized hundreds of peasants and mineworkers who had suffered oppressive conditions in the Bajío region.

    h. New Spain (Mexico)

  • In contrafactual history, I don't have to spend six days worrying about what to call a galvanized nail in a world with no Lord Galvan.

    a complex and sometimes lethal machine

  • That simple word galvanized a movement that went on to de-legitimize a constellation of abuses linked to gender.

    Robert Fuller: Peaceful Revolution: What Are Moms Rising Against?

  • The galvanizing of iron is another attempt to secure the same result; in this process iron is dipped into molten zinc, thereby acquiring a coating of zinc, and forming what is known as galvanized iron.

    General Science

  • He was taken to the probationary - commonly called galvanized barracks.

    The war,

  • It was an excellent suggestion, for although the sergeant on duty was wholly unresponsive there was a telephone, and at the end of the telephone in his little Haymarket flat, a Superintendent McNorton, the mention of whose very name galvanized the police office to activity.

    The Green Rust

  • The sinister word galvanized the dying woman in sudden strong life, and she reared herself again on the bed.

    The Green Mummy

  • GOP sources said Palin's call galvanized conservatives on the race but angered some insiders who resented her interfering in the matter.

    Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion

  • Today, Bahrain erupted again when ten thousand people streamed into Manama's Pearl Square "galvanized" by the death of a protestor on Monday and another on Tuesday.

    Sharmine Narwani: Washington's Valentine's Day Faux Pas in the Middle East

  • Brock Akil tells of how the fans "galvanized" when The Game was coming to an end on the CW and looked to BET and asked, "What are you going to do?"

    Cocoa Popps: How Fans Brought The Game Back to BET


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  • A little known way Eifel is galvanized. ((view)click on church in visuals.)

    October 10, 2011


    As for you, my galvanized friend, you want

    a heart! You don't know how lucky you are

    not to have one. Hearts will never be

    practical until they can be made

    unbreakable. I could have been a world

    figure, a power among men, a - a successful

    wizard, had I not been obstructed by a heart.

    June 11, 2010