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  • n. Chiefly British Slang A cigarette.

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  • n. A person or animal that gasps.
  • n. A cigarette.
  • n. One who is aroused by asphyxiation.


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gasp +‎ -er


  • Here and there a man is puffing at his beloved "gasper" with the nonchalance that marks your bull-dog breed when stern work is afoot.

    Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 158, 1920-04-14

  • The dream ended there, and I must have slept on, for when I woke, sure enough I was still in the berth, but somehow I knew that time had gone by ... but why was there no feeling in my legs, and who was the chap in the armchair, smoking a black gasper in an amber holder, and rising and smiling as I strove to sit up but couldn't '?


  • He chewed his lip and tapped another gasper on his thumbnail, looking keen.


  • It didn't suit him a bit, though; he stood looking vexed and then flung away the gasper and demanded: "Why the devil can't you die clean?" to which I confess I had no ready answer.


  • But their brief respite in the conditioned air of the shuttle made that first step outside a gasper.

    Cattle Town

  • Though Japan Tobacco has more than two-thirds of the Japanese cigarette market--Japanese are still heavy smokers, and its Mild Seven brand is the Japanese salaryman's emblematic gasper--sales are slowing.

    Japan Tobacco Deal Is All About Russia

  • I now know that when faced with terror, I am not a screamer; I am a gasper.

    dragonwench Diary Entry

  • I got the answer to that one and planted it deep in my mind even as I phrased the question; the simulacrum in front of me struck a cigarette in a fashion that convinced me that he had used matches and the oldfashioned sort of gasper for years before he had gone along with the march of so-called progress.

    Double Star

  • I had a drag at a gasper and took the weight off the boots.

    Death of a Fool

  • When he had helped Amaryllis down from her perch, he lit a fresh gasper from the yellow packet, and methodically assisted the ostler to unhitch the horses; but just as the leader stepped free, a smart motor, coming from the south-west, hooted impatiently for space to reach the door of the inn.

    Ambrotox and Limping Dick


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  • Definition

    Within the novel Infinite Jest, a gasper is the argot for cigarette.

    January 31, 2008