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  • adj. Causative of or relating to an act or policy of genocide.

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  • adj. Of or pertaining to genocide.


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genocide +‎ -al


  • So there are certain genocidal tendencies present among America's neocons and conservatives.

    Sound Politics: Airbrushing The News, Vol. 1

  • Some of this was a matter of geopolitics, the Baltic peoples were being subjected to what we'd probably term genocidal assaults from various German military orders whose notional rationale was to spread the Christian faith in a series of crusades.

    Gene Expression

  • Rajapaksa's victory is a clear mandate given to him by the Sinhala ethnic majority to go ahead with the genocide of Tamils; is well timed for him to convince the IC of his 'democratic' necessity to proceed with the final onslaught on Tamil civilians in the safety zone and sets clear the way for his long-term genocidal agenda and denial of any political solution, political observers in Colombo said.

    Elections - fresh news by

  • It can provide electricity, food and water and medical care to the very people who openly pledge to annihilate them, and yet it is the Israelis who are being called genocidal not the Muslims who torture, mutilate and murder Israelis who have a misfortune to fall into their hands.

    On Thursday, the Legg report will be published along with...

  • [2] The campaign has been characterized as genocidal in nature, notably before a court in The Hague.

    The Kirkuk Referendum

  • This is a very primitive threatening force, especially a force that is mostly can be described as genocidal in nature as or worse than genocidal and basically bent in exterminating the radical elites†¦ especially the targeted Fur, Musalit and Zaghawa who are the most majority of the western Sudan-Darfur.

    Can we save Darfur from torture?

  • He had sponsored a huge international conference of holy warriors and mullahs, and maintained very warm relations with their other chief state sponsor in the region, namely the genocidal government of Sudan.

    'God Is Not Great'

  • The aid workers on the scene, at the edge of a conflict the U.S. government now calls genocidal, could not agree more.

    Star Power

  • Vietnam's can be described as a genocidal government on a rampage.

    Bush administration has debacle; arrives in Vietnam empty-handed

  • The war was followed by a decade of sanctions, described as genocidal by the chief UN humanitarian representative in Iraq, Dennis Halliday, before another war was declared.

    Palestine Chronicle - Headlines


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