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  • Dave Troy presented a neat way of encoding location data called geohash.

    WhereCamp 2008 « Dyepot, Teapot

  • Successful geohash in Canberra during my recent visit.

    Kieran Bennett

  • Geohashing Last night saw my second successful geohash in -36 (latitude) ...

    Kieran Bennett

  • So wherever you are, there is a geohash point within a few hundred kilometres - a new and different point each day, effectively random, and - because of the use of the most recent Dow Jones value - unknown until shortly before the actual date.

    Irregular Webcomic!

  • So, with approximately 24 hours notice, the idea is to go to your local geohash point at a pre-determined time (4pm being the canonical time), use a GPS receiver to locate it to within a few metres, and hang out and have fun with all the other geohashers who have shown up at the same point at the same time.

    Irregular Webcomic!

  • Geohash house harriers — running from geohash to geohash, as the timestamp advances, knowing that there’s beer at the next geohash.

    Waldo Jaquith - XKCD NYT.


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  • geohash, n. pl. geohashes


    We live in two worlds at once. There’s a human world where we call places by their addresses and names. Then there’s another world for computers in which every place is represented through geographic coordinate systems like latitudes & longitudes or geohashes. Dozens of times every day we cross that boundary between the world of names and the world of coordinates and it’s all facilitated by a process called geocoding. In the coordinate world, it’s easy to do things like find things nearby, measure distances and correlate data, but to get there takes a leap through a boundary—and every time that boundary is crossed there’s a little toll paid. Do it enough and it adds up. But it also comes with all manner of restrictions of how you can see the world.

    October 2, 2015