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  • n. A hypothetical electromagnetic or gravitational wave held together in a confined region by the gravitational attraction of its own field energy.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Coined by J A Wheeler from gravitational electromagnetic entity.


  • I call geon (g for the gravity, e for electromagnetism,” and on as the word root for” particle”).


  • Or of geon, that is a wrestler, for he was a pastor and a wrestler he fed his flock with the word of preaching, with suffrages of praying, and with example of conversation.

    The Golden Legend, vol. 2

  • KAL online geon. last chaos gold. scions of fate gold. second fife finden dollar.

    Biden To Oppose Mukasey For Attorney General

  • David suspected that Monique had already analyzed possible objections to the geon theory and seen no fatal flaws.

    Final Theory

  • The reporter who wrote circle would firmlymaple story mesosmaplestory mesosmaple story mesohero online goldimvu creditskal geon support and earnestly carry out the agreement.

    The Tail Section » Comment System Maintenance

  • Trying to reach through that barrier was like trying to put your hand through a fluctuating geon field …


  • Ishmael paused for a moment, remembering very clearly what a fluctuating geon field was and how one set up the circuitry to make one, yet how or where he had acquired this knowledge he did not recall.


  • The sur geon said the bloke could die in hours from something like this, and they'd both sat there ignoring his cries for Christ knew how long before he finally went to investigate.

    Boiling a Frog

  • Depape drew his gun, but before he could cock the hammer, the pi - geon was off and flying east.

    Wizard and Glass

  • The fact was that she had chosen those rooms because she was something of an Empath and something of a chiru-geon; she'd gotten early herbalist training before her Gift was discovered.

    Magic's Price


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