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  • v. To move from being on top of (something) to not being on top of it.
  • v. To move (something) from being on top of (something else) to not being on top of it.
  • v. To disembark, especially from mass transportation, such as a bus or train.
  • v. To stop (doing something), to desist from (doing something).
  • v. To stop using a piece of equipment, such as a telephone or computer.
  • v. To complete a shift or a day's work.
  • v. To stop touching or interfering with something or someone.
  • v. To excite or arouse, especially in a sexual manner.
  • v. To experience an orgasm or other sexual pleasure; to become sexually aroused.
  • v. To incur (mild) consequences.
  • v. To fall asleep.
  • v. To behave in an presumptuous, rude, or intrusive manner.

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  • v. leave a vehicle, aircraft, etc.
  • v. transfer
  • v. cause to be acquitted; get off the hook; in a legal case
  • v. be relieved of one's duties temporarily
  • v. enjoy in a sexual way
  • v. escape potentially unpleasant consequences; get away with a forbidden action
  • v. alight from (a horse)
  • v. get out of quickly
  • v. deliver verbally
  • v. send via the postal service
  • v. get high, stoned, or drugged


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