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  • n. A Roman sword roughly two feet long.
  • n. pen, the internal skeleton of squid made of chitin-like material

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  • n. The internal shell, or pen, of cephalopods like the squids.

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  • n. The pen, calamary, sepiost, or cuttlebone of the squid; the horny endoskeleton of a cuttlefish. See cut under calamary.


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From Latin gladius ("Roman short sword, gladius").


  • Called the gladius, it was the classic weapon of the gladiator.

    The Spartacus War

  • It would be a Roman short sword called a gladius, about 27 inches long, 2 and a half inches wide, weighing three pounds, with a tapered point for thrusting and two sharp edges for cutting.


  • Now, if it was a squid-like creature, there is a significant chance of finding the fossil remains of the squid pen, which as a fossil remain would be called the gladius.

    NPR Topics: News

  • In addition to the poetic narratives that had characterized Greek theater, Rome introduced athletic competition, especially that famous genre called gladius a short double-edged sword) in which two men would fight duels with military weapons.

    Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]

  • “It is strongly suggested that P. gladius is on the verge of extinction,” the researchers wrote, “and further rigid measures are proposed to save the very few remaining specimens.”

    A Paddlefish Warning, from China

  • Now another denizen, the Chinese paddlefish, Psephurus gladius — which measures up to 20 feet long and decades ago was commonly seen leaping above the waters — appears to be on the verge of extinction, if not already gone forever.

    A Paddlefish Warning, from China

  • In the dark times ahead, the Times of the Never Ending Upheaval, I will shave with my close quarters weapon of choice, my gladius.

    Matthew Yglesias » CQ Study Shows Obama’s Legislative Strategy is Working

  • The warrior, the Legion, the gladius-thrust solution -- which has become the Predator and Reaper solution -- is no solution.

    Michael Vlahos: Mother Goddess, Ascending

  • I wasn't surprised to learn that a large, heavy, straight sword of similar length and size to the Khanda sword called a spatha was used by Roman cavalry, and it relatively quickly replaced the gladius, especially among the officer class like Centurions.

    May 2010

  • The Rajput swordsman was also using his circular motions that are typical of Rajput martial arts, but he was turning around slowly, and if I could see a gladius blow opportunity after every strike he made, real life would surely bring such an opportunity.

    May 2010


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  • The internal pen of a squid, which could be dipped in ink and used for writing, hence the term lapsus calami, a slip of the squid.

    December 4, 2007