from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. A member of a Scottish sect, founded in the 18th century by John Glass, a minister of the Established Church of Scotland, who taught that justifying faith is “no more than a simple assent to the divine testimone passively recived by the understanding.” The English and American adherents of this faith are called Sandemanians, after Robert Sandeman, the son-in-law and disciple of Glass.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A member of a religious sect in Scotland, founded by John Glass (1695-1773). See


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  • "You're home, children," the Head Teacher told us after we had gone into the glassite dome they'd built for us there.

    “Keep Out,” an old short story by Fredric Brown

  • Rab Crane, gripping his suitcase in one hand and interplanetary passport and ticket in the other, ran up the gangplank into the glassite-walled promenade deck where the Venusian ship's officer on duty was being beset by passengers wanting various services.

    Hell Wings Over Manhattan

  • Its glassite-fronted helmet was on his head and he breathed tangy oxygen from the tank inside the airtight suit.

    Hell Wings Over Manhattan

  • The stuff covered the helmets and space-suits of Rab Crane and Lalla Dee but could not penetrate through their air-tight glassite suits.

    Hell Wings Over Manhattan

  • He drew from his pocket a metal tube and took out of it a glassite vial filled with a yellow, fluffy substance.

    Hell Wings Over Manhattan

  • Lalla Dee had stopped by the transparent glassite wall of the deck, and Crane saw that she was still shivering.

    Hell Wings Over Manhattan

  • Rab glimpsed Lalla Dee's white face, conscious now, through the glassite front of her helmet.

    Hell Wings Over Manhattan

  • Scrambling through the opening, he stumbled out onto the sun-drenched glassite walkway.

    The Mocking Program

  • Now she was made of sterner stuff, and-in a Boadicean mood, she swept through a glassite passageway to the flitter garage.

    Hokas Pokas

  • Bright sunshine streamed through the glassite wall, revealing a pleasant view of cobbled streets, peaked roofs, and the grim towers of the Bastille.

    Hokas Pokas


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