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  • A trademark used for a type of aramid fiber.

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  • n. An exceptionally strong, light, man-made fibre used to strengthen cables and sheet materials, e.g. in stab-resistant vests.


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  • These fibers are used in Kevlar, fuel hoses, boat hulls and tires.

    Ada Lovelace Day: Bullet-proof and Waterproof

  • Look at how we make, for instance, Kevlar, which is our toughest material.

    The Man of the Hour

  • El Ghalbzouri said that spider silk is three times stronger than Kevlar, which is used in bulletproof vests worn by the military and others in conflict zones.

    The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed

  • As a scientist in the R&D arm of the US Justice Department, Shubin championed a carbon-based liquid polymer called Kevlar that could be woven into nylon to create a fabric vest resistant to bullets at close range.

    Top stories from Times Online

  • I'd want to be wearing some kind of Kevlar armor in the lowered position though.

    The World's First Wearable Motorcycle

  • "Kevlar" originally was a brand name for bullet-proof vest material but now it is used as a generic term for any kind of protective helmet and body armor.

    Report from Baghdad: MREs, swift-boating & Kevlar

  • A "Kevlar" vest-and-helmet matching set weighs approximately 40 pounds and makes you look like the Pillsbury dough-boy.

    Report from Baghdad: MREs, swift-boating & Kevlar

  • It designs special fibers and materials such as Kevlar used in airplane cockpit doors and in body armor worn by first responders.

    © Bloomberg News/Landov InVision Technologies...

  • Wagner and Wetzel developed a way to specially treat ballistic fabrics, such as Kevlar, with the liquid, making them dramatically more resistant to puncture and much better at reducing blunt trauma.

    Nanoarmor! « Whatever

  • Such fluids, which temporarily stiffen on impact, have practical application such as Kevlar-liquid composites: Army creates liquid armor (PDF paper here: Advanced body armor utilizing shear thickening fluids).

    Disturbing liquids


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