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  • Having a soft skin; specifically, in zoology, malacodermatous.


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  • Instead, they went after the lesser-known "petits ma î tres" (mainly 18th-century French paintings, 17th - through early 19th-century Italian and French sculptures), usually following their private tastes for soft-skinned, sensuous women and muscular naked men, whether suave and still or erotically writhing.

    Nice Wing, Pity About the Art

  • In addition, the audit details how IRI bought six armored vehicles and four "soft-skinned" vehicles for $689,500 without getting prior approval from the State Department's grants officer.

    International Republican Institute's Use Of U.S. Grants Criticized By Watchdog

  • Probably quite a few, I conclude, if the reward is a cooler full of food and a soft-skinned mammal trapped in a treehouse.

    Where the Wild Things Are

  • Modern armies were dependent on massive amounts of logistical support, and that meant a steady flow of trucks between the railheads and the front lines to reinforce and resupply the steady movement of tanks and soft-skinned vehicles at the front.


  • Had they been concentrated into, say, four or five dedicated armoured divisions which were then deployed south of the German line of advance they could have then driven into their lines of communications, composed of a mass of soft-skinned vehicles and horse-drawn transport.

    Archive 2007-10-07

  • No, the low-cut bodices revealing heaving bosoms, the blood trickling down soft-skinned necks, the harems of female vampires charged with titillating lesbianism, the magnetic gaze of the dark demon himself — these are all in the service of sensationalism now.

    Notes from New Sodom: On Blood, Bad Boys and Bottoms by Hal Duncan

  • About 350 million years ago, it began to encounter something new—soft-skinned amphibians slithering around in the muck.

    Parasite Rex

  • In South Africa baby pattypans are a staple at most supermarkets - probably about the size of a plum, and soft-skinned, so you halve them, steam them, and serve them slathered in butter and black pepper.

    Don't Pattypan-ic!

  • Gosh, N, I know where to come for compliments: First "soft-skinned", now "super-duper!"

    Punny Headlines

  • In extreme climates such as Afghanistan's, a refugee can die of exposure faster than hunger, and traditional soft-skinned fabric tents, which are difficult to insulate and are vulnerable to wind, can last as little as three weeks.

    These Four Walls Won’t Fall Down


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