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  • n. A hut erected in the branches of a tree: used by some Malay tribes.


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  • Impatient with the situation, Quaritch decides to drink coffee and launch an airstrike against Neytiri's tree-dwelling tribe, at which point Sully, Augustine, and a few other characters who may or may not have names, side with the Na'vi and round up tribal warriors from all over (no inter-tribal warfare, remember?) to duke it out with the humans in a big helicopter-vs. -dragon battle amongst a maze of giant floating mountains.

    Movie Review: Avatar

  • Before he can even bring the tree-dwelling creature in, Bell — who cries if she's not "between a three and a seven on the emotional scale" — sensed its presence and, unable to manage her excitement like any true sloth lover, curls up in the fetal position and has a full-fledged and hilarious emotional meltdown.

    Top Moments: Kristen Bell's Sloth Meltdown and OMG! Gossip Girl Revealed

  • But Red-Eye had reverted to the more primitive tree-dwelling type.


  • And he found head-hunting, tree-dwelling anthropophagi instead.

    Chapter 15

  • The behaviour of this tree-dwelling macaque has also been affected: it is spending more time on the ground and are forced to eat different foods due to logging and new plantations.

    Biodiversity 100: actions for Asia

  • Small, nocturnal, tree-dwelling primate of Africa with large eyes 8

    Quick crossword No 12,720

  • She's familiar with "the intense red known as worm scarlet ... extracted from tree-dwelling insects" and the blue, "intense as a midsummer sky, obtained from grinding precious lapis lazuli."

    A book, a butterfly wing, and an Aussie. - read

  • He laughed and jeered at Jerry with falsetto chucklings that were more like the jungle-noises of tree-dwelling creatures, half-bird and half-man, than of a man, all man, and therefore a god.


  • David Souter, for example, was on the bench for several years before it became clear he was a tree-dwelling marsupial.

    Courting trouble: It's confirmed -- Gene is a jerk

  • Little is known about these shy, tree-dwelling animals.



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