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  • n. A shallow depression in a bone, especially in the scapula.
  • adj. Of or pertaining to this depression.

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  • adj. Having the form of a smooth and shallow depression; socketlike; -- applied to several articular surfaces of bone.

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  • Shallow or slightly cupped: specifically applied in anatomy to two articular cavities or fossæ, of the scapula and of the temporal bone respectively.
  • Having a glenoid fossa: as, the glenoid border of the scapula.
  • n. A glenoid fossa, as of the temporal bone or of the scapula; a glene.


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  • The ball-and-socket joint comprises the rounded top of the upper arm bone (the "ball"), which fits into a dish-like cup called the glenoid (the "socket") in the shoulder blade.

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  • Anatomy as two posterior ligaments which run each from three points on the sides of the os suffraginis to a piece of fibro cartilage, described as the glenoid cartilage, and attached to the postero-superior edge of the os coronae; between them is the insertion of the inferior sesamoidean ligament.

    Lameness of the Horse Veterinary Practitioners' Series, No. 1

  • To sculpt the new joint, surgeons take cadaver cartilage and bone from both the cup part of the shoulder - the socket, called the glenoid, and the humeral head, which is the ball of the upper arm bone.

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  • There are several reasons you may have pain (i.e. rotator cuff tear, impingement, arthritis, spurring, instability, glenoid labrum tear, and the list goes on!).

    Casting is a Pain in the Shoulder

  • Even the part where the paper was going along where my humeral head fits into the glenoid fossa — uh, that's a ball and socket joint.

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  • The benefit of the procedure, he says, is that there is no plastic glenoid to possibly wear or bend, so it's a good option for patients who are athletic or otherwise very physically active.

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  • They leave the glenoid socket intact, but reshape it by scooping it out with a tool called a reamer.

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  • The head of the humerus is articulated with its (glenoid?) cavity, by means of a small ligament, and it consists of a rounded epiphysis composed of spongy cartilage, the humerus itself is bent outward and forward, and it is articulated with its (glenoid?) cavity by its side, and not in a straight line.

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  • It should be particularly known that the union of all bones is, for the most part, by a head and socket (cotyle); in some of these the place (socket?) is cotyloid and oblong, and in some the socket is glenoid (shallow?).

    On The Articulations

  • A movement is felt as the humeral head re-enters the glenoid cavity.

    Chapter 8


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  • Not to be confused with "glennoid", shaped like a space-travelling politician.

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