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  • n. The fear of public speaking.


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  • It's called glossophobia or informally, stage fright.

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  • 2. Social phobias, such as glossophobia of public speaking or "stage fright" and more general social anxiety

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  • This kind of glossophobia has been characteristic of Russian culture throughout the ages, where language has always been a dangerous and alien element. "

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  • If it happens only while talking to a group of people, it may just be a bad case of glossophobia—the fear of public speaking.

    Improving Your, Um, You Know, Public Speaking

  • More of us are petrified of public speaking (glossophobia) than of death (thanatophobia).

    I’m a glossophobic taurophobe «

  • At only 18, Hannah Davis has already overcome glossophobia.

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  • When you say you've had glossophobia for three years, was there something specific which triggered it?

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  • STAGEFRIGHT,,, ,i hav got stagefright (glossophobia) for the last 3 yrs,,, ,thus i hav been avoiding public speaking etc … has helped in 2 other users 'posts., has been around for 2 months and has Click and drag to move the map around.

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  • The heart of Russian darkness: Akadeemia continues its series on the semiotics of fear in Russian culture and has reached part three, where Mihhail Lotman takes a closer look at Russian glossophobia.

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