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  • adj. comparative form of glum: more glum


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  • For poorer Americans, the prospects are even glummer, augmented by ever-grimmer statistics on obesity, childhood diabetes and much else.

    Notable & Quotable

  • We English are often too modest about our own achievements, so take a bow Mike Ashley, one of the few multimillionaire sporting figures who actually looks glummer than Tiger Woods.

    New generation of Premier League club owners are a breed apart | Harry Pearson

  • In fact, however, things are a bit glummer than they were – I had misremembered and thought I had to do only 12 repeats and then find a good stopping-place in the 13th.

    Archive 2009-02-01

  • Research has also shown that when pollsters ask about happiness after asking about politics, respondents tend to have much glummer assessments of their lives than when political questions are left out.

    This Week: High Court Term, Greek Plan, BofA Deal

  • The U.S. economy continues to flash mixed signals, as consumer sentiment turned glummer in June, but a gauge of the economy's short-term trajectory showed the recovery continuing.

    Consumer Mood Darkens, but Indicators Brighten

  • U.S. consumer sentiment turned glummer in June, but leading indicators showed the recovery continuing .

    What's News: Business & Finance

  • Patrick is the brattiest of all brats and his tantrums make Amy glummer than ever at the thought of having a younger sibling.

    Big-Sister Blues #5 « Books « Literacy News

  • Unlike the ever-glummer George Michael, Martin has always given the impression that being taken seriously as an artist would be nice, but not essential.

    Album reviews: George Michael, "Faith" and Ricky Martin, "Musica + Alma + Sexo"

  • That response is even glummer than in 1979, when, amid rising economic malaise, 25% of respondents to a similar survey rated their lives as worse.

    Archive 2008-04-01

  • And I don't just mean through every now and again cutting down the shocking level of spelling mistakes in their literature or looking even glummer than usual in the photos while standing over a pothole.

    The Liberal Jiffy


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