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  • v. move ahead; travel onward in time or space


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  • Now, instead of reversing the levers, I had pulled them over so as, to go forward with them, and when I came to look at these indicators I found that the thousands hand was sweeping round as fast as the seconds hand of a watch -- into futurity.

    Science Fiction Hall of Fame

  • After the bombardment, the line of battle, previously established by Pickett, was to come over Seminary Ridge and go forward to converge on the grove.


  • Captain Alex Haskell, quick-witted as always, said he would go forward with two regiments: "If the enemy have gone, we can sweep through as your advance guard; and if they are there, the rest of your command will be saved for the general fight."


  • Kenneth White, an immigration attorney in Los Angeles, contacted the State Department in mid-May requesting that the 22,000 winners be allowed to go forward with their applications and that a second drawing be held for the remaining slots, arguing it would still be a random drawing.

    U.S. Green-Card Lottery Scrutinized After Blunder

  • - This process will go forward throughthe CD andwill be guided by Australia's Ambassador for Disarmament who has been appointed UN Special Co-ordinator on Landmines.

    Australia's Foreign Policy:Advancing Our National Interests

  • On this subject let us all be on our guard; let us point to our public documents to any who ask what we have done and why we have done it, while we go forward minding only our own concerns, leaving the Academy of Fine Arts as much of our thoughts as they will permit us, and, bending our attention to our own affairs, act as if no such institution existed.

    Letters and Journals 01

  • With this in mind, Reuter recommended that no important offensive operations go forward until all German battle squadrons (he referred to the absence of the Königs) were available.

    Castles of Steel

  • They are joined in the combination, some from incorrect views of government, some from corrupt ones, sufficient voting together to out-number the sound parts; and with majorities only of one, two, or three, bold enough to go forward in defiance.


  • Hawk held her gaze for a long moment, then eased the pressure on the bit to let the horse go forward at a quick-stepping walk.


  • Cinquanta knows that without a second gold medal, the Canadians are going to go forward with their appeal to the Court for Arbitration of Sport CAS.



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