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  • adj. Informal Of or relating to discotheques or to the energetic music and dancing performed at discotheques.
  • adj. Informal Marked by assertive action: a go-go sales executive.
  • adj. Of, relating to, or engaging in a type of speculative, short-term stock-market operation: a go-go fund.
  • adj. Characterized by the fast growth and development that invites speculative investment: go-go industries such as microprocessing and laser technology.

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  • n. A style of funk music from the 1970s.
  • adj. Of, or relating to this style of music.
  • adj. Of, or relating to the style of music played at discotheques.
  • adj. Fast and lively.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

From à gogo.
Intensive reduplication (influenced by go-go1) of go1.

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1964, US, partly from Whisky a Go Go, an influential American nightclub (in turn from French à gogo ("abundant")), partly by reduplication of go, from 1962 slang the go ("the rage, fashionable"), from sense the go ("in motion") as in on the go.


  • The so-called go-go years of the 1960s had given way to recession, inflation, a Dow in a prolonged decline—off 45 percent in 1973 alone—and pervasive gloom.

    The Rise and Fall of Bear Stearns

  • The Argument, and it's got a polyrhythmic sound that was influenced by go-go, which is our local, indigenous music.

    NPR Topics: News

  • As some of the 1980s’ most successful business figures—Ivan Boesky, Michael Milken, and Charles Keating among them—were carted off to serve prison terms, and government agencies attempted to sift through the ruins of banks and savings and loans, what had been dubbed the go-go decade seemed to lose some of its luster.

    Beyond the Bottom Line

  • Over 20 years, which counts the go-go 1990s, its lead is narrower: 8.4% versus 8.3%.

    Options for Nervous Investors

  • Chuck Brown, the 74-year-old godfather of go-go, was up for the very first Grammy of his career but came up short, losing best R&B performance by a duo or group with vocals to Sade.

    Lady Antebellum, Arcade Fire take home top prizes at 53rd Annual Grammy Awards

  • Any Grammy ceremony would benefit from a little go-go.

    Lady Antebellum, Arcade Fire take home top prizes at 53rd Annual Grammy Awards

  • Many of those real-estate loans taken out during the go-go years are maturing.

    Goldman Opts Out of Japan Property Stake

  • In the go-go years of the U.S. housing boom, virtually anybody could get a few hundred thousand dollars to buy a home, and private lenders flooded the market, aggressively pursuing borrowers no matter their means or financial history.

    POLITICAL HOT TOPICS: September 07, 2009

  • Museum of Flight In another dysfunctional uniform, Hughes Airwest in the 1970s had flight attendants wear go-go boots and billowing capes with hoods – a getup that tended to get in the way when opening aircraft doors or performing other tasks.

    Clothes That Do More Than Look Good

  • One of Ireland's top investors who gobbled up trophy properties in Manhattan, London and Eastern Europe during the market's go-go years now owes hundreds of millions of dollars and is holding a global fire sale of his assets.

    Irish Investor Holds Fire Sale


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  • "All of them, the go-go dancers, the prostitutes, the widows whose president misappropriated their meagre funds, the dead, the imprisoned, are casualties of American policy in Vietnam. If the Americans were to vanish tomorrow, the scars of their presence would not heal for a generation."

    - Germaine Greer, 'Saigon', Sunday Times, 1971.

    April 13, 2008