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  • v. To astonish.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

See gobsmacked.


  • He wrote a giant gobsmack of a collection of books – mostly on mathematics, but also on logic and game theory and skeptical inquiry.

    MindTrip Arranger: RIP Martin Gardner « Third Point of Singularity

  • There's also a gobsmack moment that as far as I know nobody has mentioned anywhere.

    Doctor Who: Partners In Crime

  • But, upon reflection, the gobsmack turns into gratitude for the influence and information of the evangelical Christianity that believes that to go against Israel is to go against God.

    Does the world—and the US—want Israel to survive?

  • This might gobsmack you, but it's easier to turn the book down.


  • Can ya hook a fellow blogger up with the young lady right gobsmack in the middle there?

    I'm here at Tryst with all the bloggers.

  • But then, Bob's gonna gobsmack (Bobsmack?) us with a couple of big trades in the next few weeks that will re-stock the shelves, right? lefreak on Wed, 02/03/2010 - 11: 27.

    Habs Inside/Out

  • Give Coulter this much: in the past, she knew how to gobsmack you with her choice of targets

    No More Mister Nice Blog

  • I only give you that bit of background to say occasionally we run into things that gobsmack us.


  • Microsoft have left themselves wide open for a pretty easy satirical gobsmack by Apple.

    World of Apple

  • "Pardon me while I whip out my Hogwarts wand and shout 'Ridiculus!' at this awards-baiting gobsmack, which nonetheless has a good many pleasures in which to partake."

    GreenCine Daily


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  • Literally, a smash in the mouth. British in origin, I believe. An unexpected, 'in your face', negative reaction to something

    September 22, 2009