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  • I remain, however, very amused that the self-styled liberal feminist warrior, who presumed to take Ann to task for not being a good enough feminist, has essentially neutered herself and turned herself into a white, southern "godbag" man's bitch in order to save her job.

    When a blogger goes to work for a candidate, she's bound to become boring.

  • Some have argued that even if the word "godbag" does derive from "old bag," or

    Women's Space

  • Using the word "godbag" (assuming it is a derivation of "douche bag," and is hence gendered female, which I believe it is, although again, I don't think that was Twisty's intention) is like using a racial slur to insult an egregious white supremacist, or using an anti-semitic epithet to insult Richard Butler.

    Women's Space

  • The feminists are for this mandatory vaccination because it's a tenet of their dogma that choice impulse trumps...well, everything and that morality is just godbag oppression.

    "What kind of people supply schoolgirls to a pharmaceutical company...?"

  • She's a hypocrite: get the government off my body, unless it is something she wants to happen, and then anyone that says the government should stay off our body is a godbag that hates sex and hates their kids.

    When a blogger goes to work for a candidate, she's bound to become boring.

  • And in a culture in which the misogyny-godbag-driven dictate to reproduce is practically overwhelming, those who choose to resist that pressure deserve to be saluted as well, and if no one else has ever done so, let me be the first.

    Archive 2007-05-01

  • For the past few months I have been nervously eyeballing the child, ever alert for signs that the faithy godbag indoctrination has begun to take, so that I might countermand that moron crap with an auntly intervention of Question Authority-ism.

    I Blame The Patriarchy

  • "Just another primitive superstitious misogynist godbag"

    7.62mm Justice

  • I mean, sure, by the standards of pure feminism, she's an enabling godbag.

    Baltimore Reporter

  • So, I wonder what the chances are of talking feminists, pro-feminists and allies to feminists, in particular, out of using the word ā€œgodbag,ā€ a word Iā€™m currently seeing all over the internet?

    Alas, a blog » 2006 » April


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  • A religious person. Derived from the pejorative, "douchebag."

    July 6, 2009