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  • noun A writer of one of the four gospels.
  • noun One who lays particular stress upon the gospel and strict adherence to its doctrines, more or less narrowly conceived, in opposition to ecclesiastical usages or traditions; a fervently evangelical Protestant; a Puritan: at the time of the Reformation and later, a term of reproach in the mouths of persons of ecclesiastical or rationalistic sympathies.
  • noun A deacon, or a bishop or priest acting as deacon, at the celebration of the eucharist or holy communion: so called from his office of reading the liturgical gospel, in distinction from the epistler or subdeacon, who reads the epistle. See gospel, n., 5.
  • noun An earnest preacher of the gospel; an evangelist; a missionary.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English.

  • noun One of the four evangelists.
  • noun obsolete A follower of Wyclif, the first English religious reformer; hence, a Puritan.
  • noun A priest or deacon who reads the gospel at the altar during the communion service.

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  • noun A person who preaches from the Gospels
  • noun music A singer of gospel music

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  • noun a preacher of the Christian gospel


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  • Making its way across the Atlantic, Muscular Christianity found adherents among the likes of gospeler Billy Sunday, an ex–baseball player who sounded like a pro wrestler when he denounced sinners as “beetle-browed, hog-jowled, peanut-brained, weasel-eyed four flushers.”


  • You wouldn't know a social gospeler if someone jumped up and whacked you with a first edition copy of Christianity and the Social Crisis.

    Philocrites: Liberalism reframed.

  • Woodrow Wilson, our premier political gospeler, has not fared well in historical retrospect.

    Carter and the End of Liberalism

  • Donnie McClerkin and old-school southern gospeler Kirk Talley of the Talleys have come forward in wanting to fight off such urges with varying degrees of success, Boltz seems to be the first notable singer to accept his orientation rather that fight it., with the refrain "we fall down, but we get up, and the saints are just the sinners who fall down but get back up."

    Mark Byron

  • They will applaud the gospeler who holds the i’m sorry sign, apologizing for the other street preachers who are telling them they’ll go to hell.


  • So fashionable was it to be a blind gospeler, that it is said Blind Joe Taggart wasn’t even blind, he just had cataracts.


  • 2: 6, "The husbandman, that laboreth," etc. says: "The Apostle wishes the gospeler to understand that to accept necessaries from those among whom he labors is not mendicancy but a right."

    Summa Theologica, Part II-II (Secunda Secundae) Translated by Fathers of the English Dominican Province


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