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  • noun A water-pot; an earthen jug; a pitcher.

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  • noun slang Men's underwear.


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From Ukrainian ґатки (gátky, "underwear", pl). Possibly back-formed from diminutive gotchies, after Ukrainian diminutive ґаці (gáci, pl).


  • Xylitol taka gotch ck sale, jeans, underwear and the main line

  • As the inner side of a horse's ear is both warm and tender, that organ was frequently infested with this pest, whose ravages often undermined the supporting cartilages and produced the drooping or "gotch" ear.

    The Outlet

  • Granted that kind of thing is not generally news worthy, but now that is has the "gotch-ya" media's attention, I'd expect some people might have to have to explain their votes again.

    Five-Four Vote Sends Panhandling Law to Mayor for Promised Veto « PubliCola

  • Whether or not there are calf models, I once heard some woman in Michi pronounce "I swear to God, he could have been a gotch model."

    Things I learned this week

  • While in university my friends and I got into a ridiculous fight over undie slang, "gitch" and "gotch" being preferred by us locals, but "ginch" and "gonch" were loyally supported by someone from Alberta.


  • It is better that the vetting be done up front than for the right wing nuts to play "gotch you". blinky

    Clinton: Vetting process for administration jobs 'a nightmare'

  • He was the brute who'd nearly put paid to me in Russia - a gotch-eyed, freezing ghoul of a man who'd dragged me halfway to China in chains, and threatened me with exposure in a cage and knouting to death, and like pleasantries.


  • The gotch eye seemed to harden with a brilliant light.


  • "I know very well who and what he is," says she quietly, and at that the gotch-eyed son-of-a-bitch said no more, but bowed again and took himself off, with the two troopers sidling hastily after him, salaaming nervously as they passed her.


  • For all his impassivity, I knew he was enjoying this; it was in the tilt of his cigarette, and the glitter in his gotch eye.

    The Sky Writer


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