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  • adjective Resembling a grave (burial place) or some aspect of one.


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grave +‎ -like


  • They were men used to the silence of the great wilderness, but this gravelike silence of a town worried them.

    Too Much Gold

  • Hence the best course is to put up with everything, behave like a heavy mass, and even if you feel blasted away, not be inveigled into taking any unnecessary step, gaze at the other with animal eyes, feel no remorse—in short, push down with your own hands any ghost of life surviving in you, increase, that is, the final gravelike rest and let nothing else exist.

    The Metamorphosis, in The Penal Colony,and Other Stories

  • And he didn't have to tell them where to dig, because the freshly turned earth, in its chillingly gravelike shape, was obvious.

    Hunting Fear

  • It was to Ada an odd and troublingjob, digging the gravelike trench behind the smokehouse and lining it with straw and heaping the pale heads in and covering them with more straw and then dirt.

    Cold Mountain

  • But now Mlle Szprot came to the third movement, that extraordinary funeral march which tore the human soul apart, reminding it of things dark and gravelike, and everyone in the salon paid close atten - tion, for this was music just beyond the perimeter of what music could accomplish.


  • One who is properly dressed, finds the climate much more agreeable than the amphibious, half-fluid, half-solid, sloppy, gravelike chill of the East.

    Minnesota; Its Character and Climate Likewise Sketches of Other Resorts Favorable to Invalids; Together With Copious Notes on Health; Also Hints to Tourists and Emigrants.

  • The ruins of the Forum, the temples and pillars, the Arch of Titus and the gigantic arcade of the Temple of Peace, seemed to sleep in the gravelike stillness of the air.

    Letters and Journals 01

  • When he rose from time to time during the night to take his turn at replenishing the fire the leaves drifted in gravelike mounds about his feet.

    The Battle Ground

  • Under the blazing logs, which filled the hut with an almost unbearable heat, an ashcake was buried beneath a little gravelike mound of ashes.

    The Battle Ground

  • He spent some time in watching the little orange-trees in tubs growing in the hothouse of Anatole France, and the delicate, perfect flowers clambering over the gravelike soul of Barrès.

    Jean Christophe: in Paris The Market-Place, Antoinette, the House


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