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  • v. Present participle of greenwash.


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  • You might have encountered the term greenwashing only in recent years, but the practice of making green claims on products and services that really aren't their products goes back longer.

    Earth Day Special: Looking back at 20-plus years of greenwashing

  • Trying to soften the public image of a company without actually changing destructive business practices is known as "greenwashing" -- and Chevron has been at it for a while.

    A Greenwashing Strategy Proposed To Chevron

  • This practice is known as greenwashing, or brainwashing consumers into believing products are natural when they actually are not.

    Simple Skin Beauty

  • The attempt was a classic case of "greenwashing" -- a cynical effort by nativist activists to seduce environmentalists to join their cause for purely strategic reasons.

    Mark Potok: Greenwash: Nativists Cynically Working to Co-Opt Environmental Movement

  • For corporate alliances with nonprofit groups to succeed, companies need to disclose how much money they are donating or risk allegations of "greenwashing" -- or paying lip service to environmental causes to promote their products, says Mike Lawrence, an executive vice president at Cone LLC, a Boston-based marketing agency.

    Luxury-Goods Makers Brandish Green Credentials

  • Mr. Ritchie, 60, has nothing but disdain for "greenwashing" -- the inefficient use of energy-saving technology more to soothe the conscience than help the environment.

    Architects Who Add Sex Appeal

  • The merging of expensive-home building with high-minded values can be fraught, as critics home in on perceived examples of "greenwashing" -- portraying a development as more environmentally friendly than it actually is.

    Politically Correct Developments

  • But "greenwashing" - putting more effort into talking about how "green" an initiative is than into actually being green-damages a company. -- Top News

  • As the green revolution gained traction, another movement -- "greenwashing" -- was coming up alongside. Latest Articles

  • Chevron's "ad campaign is a textbook example of 'greenwashing' - greening their image instead of taking concrete steps to green their operations," said Han Shan, coordinator of

    SFGate: Top News Stories


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  • Disinformation disseminated by an organisation so as to present an environmentally responsible public image.

    August 24, 2008