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  • adj. Having a gloomy, dystopian atmosphere.


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grim +‎ dark


  • It's big and a bit overambitious, but it's a large and fascinating world without being super grimdark.

    Cover Art for Raymond E. Feist, Janny Wurts and China Mieville

  • Claiming that it represents the whole Japanese market's fanservice-obsessed desires is like taking angry fans 'grimdark edits of Diablo III and claiming that represents the wish of all Diablo I+II players.

    Gotta Have Faith

  • So in that light, Cameron's grimdark approach would've suited my personal tastes a bit better.

    What Happened to James Cameron’s Spider-Man Movie | /Film

  • As much as I love the idea of having both Riddler and Catwoman in the same movie, I just don't see how it could be done and follow up on the grimdark of the last movie.

    Comic Book Movie

  • "Campy characters from the sixties and seventies turn grimdark and brutally murder obscure characters from the 80s and 90s."?

    Joystiq [PlayStation]

  • His parents are DEEEEEAAAAAAAD, but at least he's not grimdark about it.

    Anime Nano!

  • It’s more of a niche series for the real robot faction of mecha who can tolerate a bit of grimdark instead of the now more typical teenage pilot fare.

    Anime Nano!


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  • "Grimdark is a subgenre or a way to describe the tone, style, or setting of speculative fiction (especially fantasy) that is, depending on the definition used, markedly dystopian or amoral, or particularly graphic in its depiction of violence. In most grimdark literature the supernatural is a passive force, controlled by humans—unlike supernatural horror where the preternatural forces are most often an active entity with agency." Is it Grimdark or is it Horror?

    November 5, 2015