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  • n. Plural form of grindhouse.


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  • While I am looking forward to the upcoming Grindhouse, I also am looking back to the time when I saw movies at the so-called grindhouses of New York City’s 42nd Street back in the Seventies.

    The Scoop on the Grindhouse DVD

  • Henenlotter has often been quoted as having been influenced by the movies that would play in the Times Square grindhouses of this youth.

    Interview with Frank Henenlotter, Part 1 & 2 « Third Point of Singularity

  • Once a staple of drive-in movie theaters and urban grindhouses, the "blaxploitation" genre was largely played out by the end of the 1970s.

    Giving a Shout-Out to Infamous Films

  • I gravitated to the grindhouses in downtown Cincinnati to watch genre movies by Roger Corman, Mario Bava, the AIP beach party movies, Douglas Sirk melodramas, and so on.

    Current Movie Reviews, Independent Movies - Film Threat

  • Blu-rays of Fulci classics The Beyond and City Of The Living Dead show that the films are far more atmospheric and better made than they ever appeared before, and for Henenlotter with the imminent Frankenhooker disc you get extensive extras that cover the rarely examined scene of low-budget New York film-makers and the lost grindhouses of Times Square and 42nd Street.

    The Best DVD & Blu-ray releases of 2011

  • For the uninitiated, grindhouses as in bump and grind were often repurposed burlesque theaters that specialized in showing luridly entertaining flicks.

    Dan Lybarger: The 'Grind' in Grindhouse: Michael Biehn and Jennifer Blanc on The Victim

  • Mayhem is mandatory at these events, which conjure the spirit of legendary 42nd Street grindhouses with the vivid impact of a Quentin Tarantino fever dream.

    Oldies and Goodies Onscreen

  • This informative documentary charts the course of US exploitation cinema from the silent days, through the restrictive years of the Hays Code (1934-1968) where the film industry censored itself into blandness, to the wonderful 1970s where out of town drive-ins and the grindhouses of 42nd Street and Hollywood Boulevard churned out risque fare for crowds of outsiders.

    The weekend's TV highlights

  • "Movies that passed well below the critical radar when they were first released in the United States - in urban grindhouses and Southern drive-ins - are now returning in prestige editions, loaded with commentary (by [Tim] Lucas) and extra features," writes Dave Kehr, reviewing The Mario Bava Collection, Volume 1 in the New York Times.

    GreenCine Daily: DVDs, 4/15.

  • While it night have been a real eye-opener in the drive-ins and grindhouses of the day, HAD is a film that lacks the sophistication of a Roger Corman film and the intelligence of a tree stump.

    The Film Crew: Hollywood After Dark – The MST3K Guys Are Back!


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  • Grindhouses are creaky theaters that would 'grind' away their projectors for triple features filled with second-run films, exploitation flicks, and foreign-film curiosities.

    June 24, 2015