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  • n. A group of objects, lots.
  • n. A dry measure synonymous with "lots"
  • n. A small grumble.
  • v. To emit a grumble, or a lesser version thereof
  • n. The area between anus and scrotum in a male or between anus and vulva in a woman.


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Possibly Utah colloquial for group bundle contraction

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Alteration of grumble

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Unknown See grundy


  • Truth be told, it never occurred to me that the grundle was a factor at all.

    month of sundays

  • Whereas there are a dozen different words for the taint aka grundle aka gooch aka fleshy fun bridge.

    Original Signal - Transmitting Digg

  • Something about "grundle" that makes me dribble snot trying not to laugh.

    Passing the Mantle: The End of the Aughts is Nigh

  • I'm still hoping one of Ian's loyal commenters might take a break from cooking yams and cranberry sauce in order to enlighten me as to what exactly is a "grundle" ...

    month of sundays

  • Flummoxed by CP's helpful definition (as in, CP's gotta be joking!) and then by Kate's affirmation, I Googled "grundle".

    month of sundays

  • The search revealed that "grundle" can refer to, yes, the perineum (acc. to Wikipedia), a brand of software, a certain Canadian painter, and a British rock band known for "harmony-laden, catchy songs, with an experimental backdrop of breakbeats and jangly guitars."

    month of sundays

  • Yessir, she got to bounce around on her big belly and do weird sit-ups and god knows what kind of grundle exercises to make her rock solid and ready to pump iron on April 2.

    viral marketing

  • Two hours of looking at my grundle in a mirror is better than watching cabin fever.

    Eli Roth Guest Directs Inglourious Basterds | /Film

  • I have always heard it called the grundle... so perhaps the Grundle Canal is a good term for that cut-out?

    The Slap of Luxury: Vulgar Displays of Earning Power

  • For your consideration, I painted my grundle neon green so it can be seen at night.



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  • Only to those with a Harry Potter fetish.

    February 7, 2007

  • does anyone, anywhere, actually consider this "sexy talk"?

    February 7, 2007

  • This word has many meanings, but when talking sexy talk, please refer to its Urban Dictionary meaning.

    December 25, 2006