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  • n. A functional group derived from guanosine monophosphate, also known as guanylic acid


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guanylic +‎ -yl


  • These cells, called guanylyl cyclase D cells, glowed in the presence of carbon dioxide, showing when mice were picking up the scent.

    The little Stuarts to sense Carbon dioxide

  • Testing lymph nodes for the presence of a protein known as guanylyl cyclase 2C (GUCY2C) may help predict risk of recurrence among colorectal cancer patients with no apparent lymph node metastases.


  • We have found ourselves redirecting some of our research interest with nitric oxide and cyclic GMP into some new directions to maintain our lead in the field and address new challenging questions with soluble guanylyl cyclase regulation, and the role of nitric oxide and cyclic GMP in mouse and human embryonic stem cell proliferation and differentiation.

    Ferid Murad - Autobiography

  • The enzyme, guanylyl cyclase, was activated and increased cyclic GMP, causing relaxation of the muscle.

    The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1998

  • When guanylyl cyclase is activated, it starts to produce cyclic GMP from GTP.

    Physiology or Medicine for 1998 - Animation

  • They penetrate into the cell and bind to an enzyme, guanylyl cyclase.

    Physiology or Medicine for 1998 - Animation

  • The first position involves to study the regulation and function of guanylyl cyclase receptor protein in cDNA-transfected cells by site-directed mutagenesis, protein phosphorylation, and intracellular trafficking.

    Naturejobs - All Jobs

  • POSITIONS are available immediately to study the transcriptional expression, regulation, and function of guanylyl cyclase/natriuretic peptide receptors.

    Naturejobs - All Jobs

  • Imaging of nitrergic neurotransmission may help distinguish between disorders due to impaired NO production such as nNOS deficiency and those due to impaired NO action such as seen in deficiencies of NO sensitive guanylyl cyclase

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles

  • Mergia E, Dangel O, Lange A, Koesling D (2007) Fatal gastrointestinal obstruction and hypertension in mice lacking nitric oxide-sensitive guanylyl cyclase.

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles


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