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  • n. solan goose


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Scottish Gaelic.


  • One adult and 18 children survived along with three men and eight boys who had been stranded on a sea stac for nine months after a boat failed to collect them following a seabird, or guga, hunt.

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  • CB is a bag of wind all talk like most brasilian politicans you stand a better chance of getting a college education in CUBA well, on my beach, there was gisele bunchkin and jarred letto, fernando scherer, sheila mello, guga kuerten, and, to my surprise, they didnt way a word to me or buy me lunch or dinner


  • His book 'The Guga Hunters' is meant to show the Lewismen's side of things - how the guga hunt is part of their island culture and should be preserved but it will raise the hackles of environmentalists and could actually see the beginning of the end for this custom as public sentiment rises against it.

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  • Salted and boiled the guga are eaten as a delicacy.

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  • Now the guga hunters get their tale told in a new book by Lewis poet and guga eater Donald S Murray.

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  • The hunters 'quarry are the guga, young gannet chicks, which salted and boiled, are a pungent and contentious delicacy.

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  • Chef Gordon Ramsay courted controversy when he cooked and served pickled guga last year.

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  • dlew 9 months ago beautiful and haunting guga marques 9 months ago

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  • Even tho I am a die-hard Rafa fan and go thro bitting my nails, horrible headaches and the most miserible stomachaches ren hey, wait there a minute comparing the elf to guga wow, del potro has just turned 20yrs old, lets wait to see, what or if he projects his personality on court! it he dosent have a personality, hey thats fine by me, because i for one, love watching him play, he is just a expectional player in every sense of the word

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  • "Topham also described a dinner of Scottish food that left him 'almost famished with hunger and tantalised to death of Scottish haggis ... cocky leaky ... sheep's head ... and Solan Goose', or gannet. The haggis made his stomach lurch: ' ... my Politeness got the better of my delicacy, and I was prevailed on to taste it; but I could go no farther.'

    *In a 500-year-old tradition, men still scale the 300-foot cliffs of Sula Sgeir north-west of Lewis to collect thousands of baby gannets -- guga -- from precarious ledges, salting and barrelling them on the spot. Before cooking, they are scrubbed to remove the grease and salt and boiled in clean water, constantly skimming off the grease. They are then roasted. While coastal communities survived on these gannets for generations, they have a limited gastronomic appeal: apart from the people of Ness, most now find them greasily revolting with a taste something like fishy beef. The smell of boiling guga is said to be repugnant."

    --Kate Colquhoun, Taste: The Story of Britain Through Its Cooking (NY: Bloomsbury, 2007), 218

    January 18, 2017

  • A young gannet.

    December 20, 2008