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  • n. An intense, but usually short-lived, rainstorm.


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gully +‎ washer


  • I would get out there and shovel it after every gullywasher too.

    The Volunteer Gravel State « Fairegarden

  • Seriously, though, that was a bonafide gullywasher we had today.

    Something about Cups Running Over

  • Yesterday afternoon we had a twenty-minute gullywasher.

    August 23rd, 2005

  • Before they were halfway across the park, the sky thundered, and the spattering raindrops became a gullywasher.


  • This rain was not a summer take-no-prisoners gullywasher, the kind that can shred crops with three inches of hail.


  • We do not presume to dictate, but, if it pleases Thee, send us, not a gentle sizzle-sizzle, but a sod-soaker, O Lord, a gullywasher.

    The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come

  • "You can get one gullywasher, you see, and a record won't be set." - Home Page

  • It's been "lightly" raining here all night (well really for the past 2 days) But I can handle that as long as we don't get the gullywasher we got a few weeks ago.

    Discussion Forum - TuDiabetes

  • A minor gullywasher did not deter the hoards of holiday shoppers from transforming the major malls into a festive gridlock Saturday. Stories


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  • a heavy rain; downpour; deluge.

    December 3, 2007