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  • adj. Eye dialect spelling of great.
  • n. A gutter or channel for water, hewn out of the bottom of a working drift.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. A gutter or channel for water, hewn out of the bottom of a working drift.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. In mining, a gutter; a channel for water.


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From great.


  • Dooant be disheartened if yo have to luk a long time before yo can find a fault -- be sure ther is one somewhear, an 'if yo can't see it at a distance, hutch cloiser up, mak a gurt fuss on him, niver say owt contrary to what he says; if he says summat funny, laff fit to split yor sides, an' if he says owt serious, luk solemn an 'shak yor heead.

    Yorksher Puddin' A Collection of the Most Popular Dialect Stories from the Pen of John Hartley

  • A sick gurgling feeling arose in his gurt, making small bubbles leap at the idea of this day of vengeance.


  • Of course others may think, huh, forget it, it's a gurt great big tragic read and leave it at that, but if we're talking getting your moneysworth out of a well-known novel yet again, then for me this all adds a bit of spice, excitement and interest to a book I thought I knew quite well.

    44 entries from December 2007

  • Jus 'then th' mare run slap agin a whackin 'gurt big stoan,

    Tavistock Goozey Vair

  • As for the words, well us 'as our own ways of sayin' down yer and yer's your chance to do the same, and don't you be forget'in ter 'down yer prong' and watch out for the 'gurt big stoan'.

    Tavistock Goozey Vair

  • For starters, (in my cooking class) I was suposed to cook yesterday with my group and we would have made fro-gurt which would rock but both Keri and Chantalle were gone leaving Tammy and I.

    super-suzan Diary Entry

  • But today, instead of making fro-gurt, we had to make omlets which SUCK!

    super-suzan Diary Entry

  • "Of course she likes me, ye gurt idiot, " Greystone retorted with fond indignation.

    Spirits White As Lightning

  • Is nought when you compare it with my gurt big herd of cows. cho: Its a hundred yards from nose to tail moves at a stately amble

    The Dorset Juggernaut

  • Justabout (Certainly, extremely): "I justabout did enjoy myself up at the Cristial Palace on the Forresters 'day, but there was a terr'ble gurt crowd; I should think there must have been two or three hundred people a-scrouging about."

    Highways & Byways in Sussex


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  • great, as in large.

    See Blackbird by The Wurzels:

    Wit a gurt big stick I’ll knock him down.

    Blackbird I’ll ‘ave he!

    March 6, 2009