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  • n. An early type of jazz characterized by a strong beat and rollicking delivery, similar to barrelhouse.
  • n. A homemade bass instrument.

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  • n. a washtub bass


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

From gutbucket bass, a type of homemade bass instrument made from a bucket.


  • Lesson completed, he'd begin butchering the deer by slicing out the entrails, along with the heart, liver, kidneys, and other organs, letting them all drop into a 25-gallon plastic "gutbucket" that he'd later haul off on his four-wheeler to a distant fenceline — a gift to the local coyotes.

    How to Cook Your Gut Pile

  • I'll even let you know that I'm (unintelligible) NORRIS: Since you hail from Chicago, it's not surprising that your list includes a blues artist, but not the kind of gutbucket blues artists that you might traditionally think about.

    The Best CDs You Didn't Hear This Year

  • A gutbucket version of country bluesman Sleepy John Estes's "Floating Bridge" kicks off the proceedings, followed by a reverb-heavy take of Chicago harp player Junior Wells's "Little by Little."

    Recordings: Gregg Allman's "Low Country Blues"

  • And despite their small output and my not loving their second album though "Western Eyes" remains an all-time favorite, thanks to Beth's alternating between scornful vengeance and beautifully gutbucket emoting Portishead keep selectively making good music.

    Michael Vazquez: The Story of Geoff Barrow & Portishead [VIDEO]

  • The swaggering "Rock n Roll Man" is galvanized by gutbucket guitar playing from Cook's husband, Tim Carroll, about whom she wrote the song.

    Album review: Elizabeth Cook, "Welder"

  • Recorded in a small studio in a rundown section of Los Angeles, the music is lean and gutbucket, much as it was some 30 years ago when, as the title of the group's 1978 LP put it, it was "just another band from East L.A."

    Album review: Los Lobos's 'Tin Can Trust'

  • One guy played a gutbucket bass, a broom handle with a single string connected to an upside-down bucket; another guy played a washboard with thimbles on his fingers; the third played a cigar box with prongs.

    Me, The Mob, And The Music

  • In the last 50 years, we ' ve seen — just to name a few — free jazz, avant-garde, postmodern jazz, fusion, neoclassicism, smooth jazz, retro-swing and avant-gutbucket.

    Big Sounds, Written in the Stars

  • Somehow lightening and purifying the gutbucket sound of the tenor sax till it sang like an alto, Prez used that cooled-out voice to slice through the overheated busyness of early jazz, unhurriedly hanging behind the beat or somehow mysteriously hovering above it, in an ever-cool, rarefied realm not touchable by the mundane world of 4/4.

    Dean Sluyter: It's Official: Nobody's Cool. (Kerouac Posthumously Blows It)

  • In counterpoint to the at times stately presentation (supported throughout by the intoxicating, minimalist score by Johan Söderqvist), the film is kept alive and disarmingly off kilter by moments of extreme violence and the unexpected use of special effects gimmickry (including a spontaneous full body immolation that recalls the demise of Don Rickles in John Landis' otherwise insipid INNOCENT BLOOD) that shatter the eerie calm without ever feeling like condescension to the gutbucket brigade.

    My Bloodyguard


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  • There is a "gut-bucket," and then there is "a bucket of guts." Confuse the two at your own peril!

    a gut-bucket (informal)

    someone who is very fat She introduced me to her son who was a real gut-bucket with tattoos all over his arms.


    April 29, 2013