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  • noun A compass with a motorized gyroscope whose angular momentum interacts with the force produced by the earth's rotation to maintain a north-south orientation of the gyroscopic spin axis, thereby providing a stable directional reference.

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  • noun A north-seeking form of gyroscope used as a directional reference in navigation.

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  • noun a compass that does not depend on magnetism but uses a gyroscope instead


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  • The thing about a gyrocompass is that you can use it differently than that though.

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  • About fifteen minutes into the flight we had a gyrocompass failure, and we lost attitude control.

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  • Then take the gyrocompass and attach it to the dimensional cannon and allow it to program the device.

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  • Then he injected it into the fluid that needed to go into the center of the gyrocompass.

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  • A normal gyrocompass finds true north, not magnetic north, by using a very quickly rotating wheel and friction forces in order to use the turn of the Earth in its orienting process.

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  • The gyrocompass will continue to orient on that star making a full revolution once with each complete rotation of the planet, the Doctor explained.

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  • At 10:26 P.M. Sunday night, the gyrocompass broke again.

    The Attack on the Liberty

  • Both the radar and gyrocompass were fried and the officers distrusted the magnetic compass.

    The Attack on the Liberty

  • Lucas found that neither the gyrocompass nor the rudder angle indicator worked.

    The Attack on the Liberty

  • The fifth submarine, beset by a broken gyrocompass, did not set out until 05.30 and would spend most of the day travelling in circles.

    Sealing Their Fate


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