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  • n. Alternative spelling of háček.


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  • "The IPA doesn't go in for diacritics much, notably hacheks. So, for instance, the "sh" sound is an elongated letter ʃ, as opposed to an ordinary s. For linguists who got A's in penmanship in grade school (if there's anyone still alive who ever got grades in penmanship), this might work just fine when they're transcribing data from speakers or from tape recordings. But I'm not one of those people, and there'd be a real risk that my ʃ's would turn out looking like s's and vice versa, and that's a bad thing when you're trying to figure out a language's phonological system. If you use a hachek for "sh", it's š, much harder to confuse with s. So I use hacheks, and so do most other fieldworkers I know."

    - 'Why I Don't Love The International Phonetic Alphabet', Sally Thomason, 2 Jan 2008.

    January 4, 2008