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  • v. Present participle of halloo.


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  • Round and round the decks they went, Mugridge sick with fear, the sailors hallooing and shouting directions to one another, and the hunters bellowing encouragement and laughter.

    Chapter 21

  • Spring is here, Wordsworth's daffodils are already over and thousands of us are on our way to the Lake District, disturbing the sheep and hallooing from the crags.

    A passion for painting in the Lake District

  • Until then the air had gradually cooled but now it changed suddenly and the bearers welcomed it with loud hallooing calls and a spurt of running, the chair swaying between them.


  • They breakfasted at eight or half-past; and by nine were in their counting houses, laying out the business of the day; at ten they were on their wharves, with their aprons around their waists, rolling hogsheads of rum and molasses; at twelve, at market, flying about as dirty and diligent as porters; at two back again to the rolling, heaving, hallooing, and scribbling.

    Robert Morris

  • I had a glimpse of Madam Celeste being hurled aside by the burly villain, and then he and his mate were hallooing at the sight of us, the leader drawing a revolver - and Annette had a Derringer in her fist and was letting fly, once, twice, the sharp reports no louder than exploding caps, and God knows where the shots went, for he stood unharmed, covering us and roaring:


  • Trust an old Rugby hare to distance a Russian pack - I will, and I'll hear you hallooing me on!

    The Sky Writer

  • During dark-of-the-Moon the Lambaneish women were full of dread, and they began each night by marching around the dormitory hallooing and clapping to drive away malicious thoughts and spirits.


  • Alas! the Abbot of Unreason had only to nourish his mock crosier, and the whooping, the hallooing, and the dancing, were renewed with a vehemence which would have defied the lungs of Stentor.

    The Abbot

  • Having donned his sandal, Halbert Glendinning, hallooing at intervals, in answer to the sound which he had heard, ran with the speed of a hunted buck down the rugged defile, as if paradise had been before him, hell and all her furies behind, and his eternal happiness or misery had depended upon the speed which he exerted.

    The Monastery

  • It was in this manner that the troops of the noisy Greeks, with much hallooing and many a boastful shout, hastened both from the town and from the lists, with the apparent intention of sweeping from the field the few companions of Tancred.

    Count Robert of Paris


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