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  • n. A board game invented by George Howard Monks in which the players' men jump over those in adjacent squares.

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  • n. The long jump, with weights in the hands, -- the most important of the exercises of the Pentathlon.
  • n. A game played on a board having 256 squares, by two persons with 19 men each, or by four with 13 men each, starting from different corners and striving to place each his own set of men in a corresponding position in the opposite corner by moving them or by jumping them over those met in progress.

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  • n. A game for two persons, played on a special board of 256 squares with 19 men apiece, the object of each player being to drive out his opponent's men from their position and to replace them with his own.

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  • n. a board game in which players try to move their pieces into their opponent's bases


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From Ancient Greek ἅλμα (halma, "leap").


  • Inside were the emerald and opal "halma" board and ruby and diamond pieces, and with them a slip of parchment with Daphne's handwriting.

    In Brief Authority

  • When you have gone, I will ask Mrs. Gordon to teach me the spirit of acquiescence, and one of those distracting games -- bésique or halma, or some of the other infernal pastimes that heaven decrees for recalcitrant spirits in need of crushing discipline.

    The Daughters of Danaus

  • And because they're ignorant novices, brought up on old maid and halma, they think it's foul play!


  • Lowrie distributed Christmas parcels in December 1919, including indoor games (dominoes, checkers, chess, and halma), mouth organs, and a small amount of money (one hundred to 250 Marks), so that welfare committees could purchase a Christmas tree, decorations, and small supplies.

    Pursuit of an 'Unparalleled Opportunity': The American YMCA and Prisoner of War Diplomacy among the Central Power Nations during World War I

  • Think of the thousands and millions that are being demoralized by games of chance, by marbles -- when they play for keeps -- by billiards and croquet, by fox and geese, authors, halma, tiddledywinks and pigs in clover.

    The Works of Robert G. Ingersoll, Volume VIII. Interviews

  • "None of my children have been brought up to play card games," said Mrs. Eggelby; "draughts and halma and those sorts of games I encourage."

    Beasts and Super-Beasts

  • "I've come to be your legger, grandma," she announced, "and I'll read to you, or amuse you, or play dominos or halma with you, or anything you like."

    Cricket at the Seashore

  • Then on another evening we might encourage the men to play progressive games like draughts, halma, picture lotto, spillikins, ping-pong, and beggar-my-neighbour.

    Stand By! Naval Sketches and Stories

  • "And because they're ignorant novices, brought up on old maid and halma, they think it's foul play!"

    Flashman And The Tiger

  • In the brilliant preface to "Plays: Pleasant and Unpleasant," Bernard Shaw, referring to middle-class home life, speaks of "the normal English way being to sit in separate families in separate rooms in separate houses, each person silently occupied with a book, a paper, or a game of halma, cut off equally from the blessings of society and solitude."

    Socialism: Positive and Negative


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  • A.k.a. the board game "Chinese Checkers"?

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