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  • Two rather unappealing rodents make an ill-advised pact, which turns out badly for both, but wins the Hooker prize (er, I mean the Booker prize) for the author of this somewhat credibility-defying tale, which expects us to believe, among other things, that hamsters can write symphonies and edit newspapers.

    November 16, 2009

  • Definitely a classic, bilby!

    Sionnach, if you wait a few days, maybe a Wordie will do one for you. ;-)

    December 13, 2007

  • I'm so jealous! Why didn't I come up with this? But now I can waste vast swaths of time trawling (trolling?) the internet for reproductions of "Gerbil with a pearl earring" (you know someone, somewhere must have done one).

    December 13, 2007

  • A mythical city where rodents smoke weed in canal-side cafes and wonder, for hours on end while staring at portraits of buxom gerbils, why wooden shoes are so hideously-adapted to their tiny, clawed feet.

    December 13, 2007