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  • n. A humorous term for the game of American football, or for any other sport called "football" that uses a prolate spheroid instead of a ball, such as Canadian football or rugby.


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From hand +‎ egg, by deliberate contrast to football, emphasizing the use of the hands and an elongated rather than round ball.


  • Alright, British Redditors, I accept that your "handegg" argument makes some valid points, but as an American I feel it's important to point something out ... what's new online!

  • To be fair, America had to use the alternative name, they used football on handegg: D

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  • Namely, the difference between the football she enjoys playing and handegg that most Americans enjoy watching on TV once a year.


  • I wish I could lay claim to that image, but I found it floating around social networks today that were blissfully devoid of handegg news.


  • Total Posts: 1290, Joined: 6 / 14 / 2006 and handegg???

  • For the 43rd time, America is celebrating Super Bowl Sunday, an unofficial holiday of junk food, television marketing excess, the existence of Roman numerals, and football (or is it handegg?).

    the world according to Jared W. Smith


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  • I hope this clears it up once and for all.

    February 13, 2009