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  • n. Someone who is half Asian, usually half Caucasian


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  • His “Pacific Surf Dog” could even be called hapa-esque, with its soy-sugar glaze, miso mustard and jicama and cabbage slaw.

    The Great Hot Dog Cook-Off ‘09

  • I first heard "hapa" in a conversation with one of my friends at Stanford who's from Hawaii.

    slayground: Interview: Justina Chen Headley

  • I love "hapa" since one of my intentions with this novel was to show that we can redefine ourselves just as we can redefine labels.

    slayground: Interview: Justina Chen Headley

  • All of this is to say that the promotion of the term "hapa" wasn't necessarily a group effort to create a "third" or other identity separate from the monoracial identities from which hapas derive.


  • That is what the organization of Hapa Issues Forum was about: not a new, monolithic "hapa" identity, but rather creating a space for discussion around issues of multiraciality.


  • The need for "hapa", as opposed to general, non-API-specific multiraciality, arose from the fact that mixed race Asians/Pacific Islanders in the US (mainland, of course) were only a small proportion of the overall multiracial population.


  • The "hapa movement" is not called such by most of those involved, because of our awareness that there was no common mission among all hapas, and that the word "hapa" needs to be protected as something that anyone can use without declaring a political stance.

    Multiraciality 101

  • And many Icelanders, Lapplanders and the like would be pegged as ... "hapa".


  • Also, I'd never come across the term "hapa" before.

    More Bullshit About Hapas

  • So 'hapa' means 'here,' and 'hapahapa' means 'right here.'

    random thoughts


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  • legomenon? You know, of course, that neither of Obama's parents was Hawaiian, either ethnically or residentially. His mother was born and grew up in Kansas. His grandparents later moved to Hawaii, which is where he was raised while his mother remained in Indonesia. Neither of his parents, by the way, were mixed-race.

    January 20, 2009

  • He's the hapa legomenon of Hawaiian mixed race presidents.

    January 20, 2009

  • I am a big fan of hapas :)

    January 20, 2009

  • “He is the first president who was a hapa, as they are called in Hawaii, with parents of different races.�?

    The Washington Post, Restless Searcher on an Improbable Path, by David Maraniss, January 18, 2009

    January 20, 2009