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  • Knowing now the source behind expressions like 'bowels of the earth'1 and Etrusco-Babylonian haruspical rites, we're armed with the power not only to crack the intended meaning of some obscure Greek texts or comprehend the purpose of some Etruscan artifacts, but we're also capable now of seeing a glimpse into the heliocentric belief system of the Minoans in the same region.

    The dank bowels of earth

  • Here cn ziχ neθśrac "this haruspical text" is the accusative object of the sentence.

    Contradictions with authors' accounts of Etruscan word Rasna

  • It seems to me that the first place to start in cracking the mystery is to compare the Etruscan liver model with Babylonian haruspical traditions yet oddly Etruscanist authors continue to fail to do that.

    Piacenza Liver and The Palace Gate

  • To be even more blunt: If the entire haruspical tradition is from the Near East and related closely with Babylonian or Hittite religion which share the same practices, then why aren't Etruscologists doing the sensible thing and putting away their childish toys namely Capella's fictitious poetry and picking up a book on Babylonian or Hittite divination practices in order to understand Etruscan religion more competently?

    Finding structure in the Piacenza Liver despite academic claptrap - Part 4

  • Upon review of Brian's blog where he indeed mentioned my work on Etruscan haruspical traditions in all intellectual seriousness and in relation to his personal explorations into paganism and modern heathenry, it seems that I've made yet another booboo in judgment let's just add it to my long list, hahaha.

    Archive 2008-07-01

  • So concerning the issue of the origins of the Etruscans, everything that we may attribute to the term 'Etruscan', whether it be Etruscan religious practices[2] e.g. haruspical rites, alphabet[3], or language[4] appear to point to eastern origins.

    "Proto-Aegean" - What I mean and what I don't

  • BUTT (he whipedoff’s his chimbley phot, as lips lovecurling to the tongueopener, he takecups the communion of sense at the hands of the foregiver of trosstpassers and thereinofter centelinnates that potifex miximhost with haruspical hospedariaty proferring into his pauses somewhot salt bacon).

    Finnegans Wake


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  • -adj. primitive with respect to an explanation of something

    -adj. of or pertaining to haruspex: the examination of entrails of a sacrificed animal for the purposes of divination

    February 24, 2011