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  • n. A pair of speakers worn over or in the ears so only the wearer can hear the sound.


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head + phone


  • Also, having high-quality headphones is good too because there's less electrical resistance in the cord, meaning higher volume on a lower setting (and less power exerted by your iPod).

    Top 10 Battery Hacks, Tips, And Tricks | Lifehacker Australia

  • Ms. Rosenfeld has found her own tactics: she isolates herself before tournaments, plugs in headphones and blasts "Alejandro" by Lady Gaga.

    Her Late Lunge for Athletic Glory

  • The cop scared the heck out of me, but after informing me that driving with headphones is illegal, he was kind enough to give me a written warning, telling me "You look like you have a better uses for the $106 the ticket would cost."

    Truth Is Stronger Than Fiction

  • Later on I traded for headphones from the Russians, who cleaned the compound.

    S/Sgt. Oliver Guillot

  • It's all about glamorous gizmos, like the D. J.-tested, matte-black TMA-1 headphones from the Danish company AIAIAI (tma-1. com), which go on sale later this summer

    NYT > Home Page

  • Bluetooth as well as the word headphones and similar terms.


  • This recent survey from RealWorld RealResearch and reported on by japan. into earphones and headphones is one I’d like to see the full results for, as I’d like to learn more about why people buy new ‘phones; how much is being forced due to breakage, and how much is due to dissatisfaction with the stock set.

    Paid beats free downloads to iPods

  • The single speaker isn't stereo, but you can get stereo output when you plug in headphones.

    Verdict is in on Apple iPad: It's a winner

  • The black box is simple, with a handle, a metal switch and jacks for plugging in headphones.

    Garrido claimed black box could speak his mind

  • It was a simple black box with a handle, metal switch and jacks for plugging in headphones.

    Afternoon Buzz: Terror Suspects Head to Court


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