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  • n. The source of a river, the set of streams that feed into the river's beginning.


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head + waters


  • Needless to say he spent a lot of time bent double under the foliage dapping in headwaters 4 feet wide.

    The Three-Day Cutt Slam...

  • A watershed is the area representing all the land draining moisture from the highest elevations, usually referred to as the headwaters, to a specified outlet point.

    1.1 The role and purpose of irrigation

  • Right now, the headwaters are the meetings that were held last Tuesday, the party leadership that those delegates will select, and what the newly elected precinct committee people do between now and the 2012 to reach out in their neighborhoods.

    Denver Post: News: Breaking: Local

  • Like Colorado, Wyoming is a "headwaters" state - the source of many of the West's great rivers. - Local News

  • Not so much in the headwaters of the Colorado and Green River feeding Lake Powell, at 67% of normal.

    Think Progress » Rep. Steve King floats secession as possible response to health care reform.

  • The final draft of the treaty gave the United States nearly all the land Congress had sought and far more than Spain or France intended: from the Atlantic in the east to the Mississippi in the west and from the Georgia frontier in the south to the St. Lawrence watershed, Great Lakes, and headwaters of the Mississippi in the north.

    Between War and Peace

  • Financial gain and political ends, both of which came to dominate later Western involvement in Africa, played little part: The search for the headwaters of the Nile began in 1856, a decade before the discovery of the diamond mines and gold fields of Africa.

    To the Source

  • While the solid waste becomes valley fills, liquid waste is stored in massive, dangerous coal slurry impoundments, often built in the headwaters of a watershed.

    Wonk Room » ACCCE’s Joe Lucas Says Mountaintop Removal Solves ‘Lack Of Flat Space’ In Appalachia

  • At the headwaters of the scandal is the University's non-credible justification for sending in the police in the first place: "safety."

    Rik Seyman: UC Davis' Peppergate Meltdown: Only the Tip of the Glacier

  • Another gringo who moved to Mexico "for the adventure", (like they were going to build a tree house at the headwaters of the Atoyac), was having a classic meltdown when the cashier at Superlake refused to accept his torn 500 peso note muttering something about "these people". arbon

    A Prison of the Mind


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