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  • Our analysis showed that for the combined crew and heavy-lift launch vehicles, the development cost of an EELV-derived architecture is almost 25% higher than that of the Shuttle-derived approach.

    NASA Watch: June 2009 Archives

  • The recurring cost of the heavy-lift Ares V is substantially less than competing approaches, and the recurring cost of an EELV upgraded to meet CEV requirements is, at best, comparable to that for Ares I.

    NASA Watch: June 2009 Archives

  • But the human-rated United Launch Alliance rocket would be less expensive only if the Ares V heavy-lift moon rocket development is deferred, the Aerospace Corp. study reports.

    NASA Watch: June 2009 Archives

  • Shuttle-C has been on the table for some time and presents a reasonable approach to heavy-lift requirements for the near term, however many people within and without of the agency would like a new vehicle for this role.

    Shuttle-C - NASA Watch

  • NASA has said it would like to send a manned mission to Mars sometime between 2025 and 2030, a project that would showcase the most advanced U.S. heavy-lift rockets and spacecraft.

    Europe Turns to Russia as NASA Cuts Loom

  • Such a proposed transfer of funds—which would be taken from NASA's stalled heavy-lift rocket intended to explore deeper into space—would boost American technology "and greatly reduce our dependence on the Russians," said Rep. Rohrbacher.

    Russian Mishap Shows Space Risk

  • NASA officials have said they are refining final cost estimates for a heavy-lift rocket able to blast 130 tons into space.

    Private Space Taxis Race to the Launch Pad

  • Such critics have accused agency officials of trying to sabotage the heavy-lift rocket concept, by giving Congress allegedly inflated cost figures and unrealistically long development timetables for that launcher system.

    Private Space Taxis Race to the Launch Pad

  • NASA has also been hit by bipartisan criticism it hasn't adequately complied with congressional mandates to use shuttle-derived technologies for its proposed heavy-lift rocket.

    Private Space Taxis Race to the Launch Pad

  • The accelerated cargo-delivery schedule comes as NASA and congressional leaders continue to spar over the cost and schedule of a proposed NASA heavy-lift rocket eventually intended to take astronauts to an asteroid and beyond.

    Private Space Taxis Race to the Launch Pad


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