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  • n. a unit of pleasure used to theoretically weigh people's happiness.


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  • Deontologists are hedon and dolor haters, and argue that consequences are inconsequential in the moral realm.

    Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? The Controversial Peter Singer

  • Tiap bulan saya hanya sodaqoh jariyah buat perusahaan hosting … Yak pada kesempatan kali ini, marilah kita berhedon-hedon ria.

    Boku Baka Blog

  • Happiness is subjective, as it happens, and people do often say they are happy whilst self-destructing; the fact that the odd opium addict says he is happy doesn’t mean (a) he actually is, or (2) his short-term happiness is indicative of long-term hedon surplus.

    Sympathy for Homophobic Parents


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  • Philosophers talking about Jeremy Bentham's Utilitarianism sometimes use the conceptual unit of the Hedon to quantify pleasure, one hedon being equivalent to the amount of pleasure a person receives from gaining one util of utility.

    July 28, 2008