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  • adj. Characterized by a stride in which the heel of one foot touches ground before the toe of the other foot is lifted, as in walking races.


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  • Pedal position is just about perfect for heel-and-toe footwork.

    BMW 1M: Miniature, Mighty and Miles of Fun

  • Pedal position is just about perfect for heel-and-toe footwork

    BMW 1M Coupe

  • And how about heel-and-toe downshifting my old Lotus Super 7?

    Tapping Accelerator, Brakes at the Same Time

  • Despite some concerns, brake override doesn't impede a boy racer from using fancy footwork like heel-and-toe downshifting or left-foot braking to tease a car through fast turns or from pulling off those crowd-pleasing, tire-smoking, "brake stand" burnouts.

    Track test: How does brake-override affect enthusiast driving?

  • Heel and toe: Driving the sporty GTI, we zipped through our serpentine handling course using the heel-and-toe technique to rapidly downshift, blipping the throttle while braking before each corner.

    Track test: How does brake-override affect enthusiast driving?

  • Naked Strangers One morning at first light, quite by chance, she entered the hotel's coffee shop in a tight tube dress that rode up her thighs from the heel-and-toe motion of her wicked shoes.


  • For $4,525, Parman spends four days at the Bondurant tracks, perfecting heel-and-toe downshifts, racing etiquette and cornering techniques.

    A Need for (Higher) Speed

  • Billy moved silently, heel-and-toe, into the opposite doorway, which gave on the adjoining bedroom.

    Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine

  • She ducked along the ditch below the shoulder, moving heel-and-toe, not looking up, and then came up for air, letting her breath out, the gun pointed in front of her, like an infantryman, frightened but ready.

    Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine

  • The girl whose tits had stolen what little there was of Hart Thorin's mind would not be here for another hour, at least (the old woman had insisted that the girl walk from town, citing the purification value of such a moonlit heel-and-toe, actually just wanting to put a safe bumper of time between her two appointments), and during that hour she would do as she liked.

    Wizard and Glass


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