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  • n. A flip trick where the skateboarder kicks the board in order to make it flip 360 degrees along the board's long axis.


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  • Btw, hospiteel = half heelflip, then scooping around your front foot using your heel, a half front foot impossible. - Business News

  • Added front bigheelflip, fakie front bigheelflip, no comply front shuv, front shuv, nollie inward heelflip, nollie front heelflip. - Business News

  • A brief video on how to do a heelflip on a skateboard ... please read credits so i don't have to answer pointless questions - Financial News

  • THIS: wheels fast **** death kill almost element mike valley chad muska rodney mullen tony hawk transworld magazine ea game xbox360 pressure flip late fs shuvit; siyoun spin; fs varial heel-side pressure 1/2 flip late front foot 1/2 heelflip; 360 flip; 360 hospital flip - Business News

  • Go down the ramp .... go up the quarter pipe, ollie, indy double heelflip, axle stall body varial to indy nosestall, down the quarter pipe, Shove it, Double kickflip - Financial News

  • So they're like 'I feel like I did a heelflip, but what did I do wrong?


  • Not to be outdone, the skateboard competition feature local & professional skaters as they manual, kickflip and nollie heelflip the obstacles in the street course.

    Wakeboarding and Wakeboard Information -

  • In real life, the underflip is a subtle, highly technical trick where skaters do a kickflip or heelflip, but they reverse the rotation halfway through and send the board right back to where it started.

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  • Lasek, of Baltimore, Md., took home the world title at the skateboard vert finals, with a run that included a heelflip stalefish and a nollie heel stale, earning him a score of

  • RIDE THE SKY intro bs 180 fs switch 5-0 bigheel out rts part1 first 180 fs last switch 360 flip fs 360 philly love gap part 2 first trick fs noebluntslide last nollie bs 360 heelflip

    Transworld Skateboarding


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  • An aerial skateboarding trick where the skateboarder kicks his board in order to make it flip 360 degrees along the board's long axis.

    September 17, 2008