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  • n. An enzyme required for DNA unwinding.


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  • When are you going to realize that helicase is not responsible for the helical structure of DNA?

    Dawkins Tries to Find God

  • It seems that embedded in each gene is something called a helicase, which is part of a family of enzymes, and that this helicase, for no good reason, peels apart the two strands of chromosomes that make up your DNA, and the next thing you know you are standing at the kitchen cupboard trying to remember what the heck brought you there.

    I'm A Stranger Here Myself

  • The New Scientist reports on a novel DNA duplication technique called helicase-dependent amplification, or HDA, that promises to speed up and simplify the process required to duplicate amplify small amounts of DNA so that you do useful stuff with it.

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  • Previous biochemical and genetic analyses revealed that PfuHjm preferentially binds to fork-related Y-structured DNAs and unwinds their double-stranded regions, suggesting that this helicase is a functional counterpart of the bacterial RecQ helicase, which is essential for genome maintenance.

    BioMed Central - Latest articles

  • Mismatch repair proteins are responsible for recognizing the mismatch and assembling the helicase and exonucleases involved in removal of the mismatch.

    Another Protozoan and Front-Loading

  • Mut-7 of C. elegans, required for transposon silencing and RNA interference, is a homolog of Werner syndrome helicase and RNase D. Cell 99, 133-141.

    Advanced Information: The 2006 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

  • Did initial DNA have helicase encoding capacity or not?

    Dawkins Tries to Find God

  • Agents like protease, helicase, and polymerase inhibitors interfere with the enzymes necessary for replication of viruses.


  • Both pateamine A (Pat A) and hippuristanol (Hip) target the helicase eIF4A, though Pat A enhances its catalytic activity, thereby likely derailing the function of the eIF4F complex, whereas Hip prevents eIF4A from binding RNA.

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  • The paper, "PcrA helicase dismantles RecA filments by reeling in DNA in uniform steps," is available online. - latest science and technology news stories


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  • Pick-up line: "I'd like to be DNA helicase, and unzip your genes."

    April 17, 2007