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  • n. Plural form of hemlock.


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  • The hoary trunks of the ashes are particularly fine in such situations; they are the lightest in coloring among our larger trees, as the shaft of the hemlocks is the darkest.

    Rural Hours

  • And, looking upward, there were the dark tops of the evergreen trees, such as hemlocks, pines, and spruces, starred and bespangled, as if wetted with a great rain of molten crystal.

    The Complete Works of Whittier

  • Dark morning sleet whitecrusts the world once more, shrouds remains of January thaw: butts, bits of Styrofoam cups, the black-hoofed leg bone of a deer, dragged home again and again and again by our dog; the same bone I heave into the hemlocks each time I go for wood.


  • For example, when hemlocks are completely infested with woolly adelgid, homeowners should get rid of the plant so they don't have to continually spray.

    Prime time to tame overgrown lawns

  • All submitted comments are subject to the rules set forth in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. deer bed in hemlocks after snow

    Field & Stream

  • Emerald ash borer, the little bugs killing all the hemlocks in the Smokies, anything at Walmart ........ does anything good come from imports from the East??

    Flying Carp & Broken Jaws

  • But pines, spruces, hemlocks and most other evergreens tend to become giants over time, outgrowing their spaces.

    Tough Love, Garden Style

  • Maple and oak sloughed silver leaves in the breeze and the tall hemlocks in the side yard swayed.


  • Too much shade, growing into the hemlocks and sucking up all available moisture from the soil made them a very bad choice for this area.

    Twiggy « Fairegarden

  • •Native vegetation on cooler and moister sites on sandstone, shale, or conglomerate is hemlock-mixed hardwood forest; hemlocks are very common in ravines and on steep, lower, north-facing slopes, but black birch, yellow birch, sugar maple, basswood, and a sparse understory also occur.

    Ecoregions of New Jersey (EPA)


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