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  • v. Present participle of hem.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The process of making a hem, as in sewing a garment.
  • n. The stitch by which a hem is secured; the doubled edge of a fabric hemmed down to the fabric itself; collectively, the hem or hems: as, the hemming was decorated with embroidery.
  • n. A shoe or sandal made of rawhide.


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  • But Buonaparte, hearing on the 20th of December of the advance of Moore, instantly put himself at the head of 50,000 men, and marched with incredible rapidity, with the view of intercepting his communications with Portugal, and in short hemming him in between himself and Soult.

    The History of Napoleon Buonaparte

  • You can sew the seams and do the plain hemming, and I can work the buttonholes and stitch the bosoms, collars and wristbands!

    The Hidden Hand

  • Since sitting down was completely out of the question, I busied myself during the morning with small chores such as hemming and button-sewing, which could be done at the windowsill, with the excuse of needing the light to sew by.

    Sick Cycle Carousel

  • Yes | No | Report from connor wrote 1 year 20 weeks ago the hunters safty system is amazing all hunters should have onethey put stitches into the strap almost like hemming so that if you do fall the "hemming" will give way and reduce the quick snap you fell when your vest saves your life

    Whitetail Handbook: No-Fall Insurance

  • LAMBERT: That's exactly why I'm kind of hemming and hawing for an answer here, because I'm not sure exactly how that would work.

    CNN Transcript May 25, 2009

  • The only disadvantage is the lack of a free arm which would be nice to have when doing things such as hemming cuffs.

    Boing Boing: December 3, 2006 - December 9, 2006 Archives

  • So I was kind of hemming and hawing if I was going to do it.

    Interview: Talking The Wrestler with Actress Marisa Tomei «

  • And that way, Sanjay, you're not there kind of hemming and hawing and trying to remember what you wanted to talk about.

    CNN Transcript Apr 5, 2008

  • And apparently, only a few weeks ago, he was even saying publicly that he was single, kind of hemming and hawing and hemming and hawing, but supposedly it's just been a quick two-week thing.

    CNN Transcript May 11, 2005

  • Time passes, and there follows a sensation as if the stomach was drawn together or compressed, as if with a slight degree of cramp, coupled with a total extinction of appetite; the mouth and throat become dry and irritated; there is an incessant disposition to clear the throat by "hemming" and swallowing, and there is a tickling in the nose which necessitates frequent sneezing, sometimes a dozen or even twenty times in succession.

    The Opium Habit


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